Sunday, 29 June 2014

Home, safe and sound

Just got back from the conference in Detroit, exhausted but happy. The kids and my guy were very pleased with the "Bring it!" t-shirts I brought home for them. The house isn't even a disaster (at least, no bigger a disaster than when I'm here). No dishes piled up--it's like a miracle or something.

I'm too tired right now to talk about all the amazing people I met (other than that they were amazing), or how great it was to see some of the gang from the Toronto rally again, or how cool it was to get to meet some of the other, newer Badgers face to face, or what an honor it was to have Senator Cools and Erin Pizzey tell me that "Of course you'll be driving us around. We've bonded with you," or how sweet Terrence Popp was to join me for a hangover lunch of bacon and eggs when I found myself on my own during the midday break.

This conference was one of the highlights of my year (decade?) so far, and I can't wait for the next one. I'll upload a video tomorrow or the next day to share some of the awesomeness.

Talk to you all soon. Hugs and much love to all of you.


  1. or what an honor it was to have Senator Cools and Erin Pizzey tell me that "Of course you'll be driving us around. We've bonded with you,"


  2. i am working on a comedy video to explain radical feminism

    1. < Sarcasm understood.

      Great speech btw Terrence

  3. Greetings from Norway!

    Just spent the better part of the morning looking through some of your brilliant videoblogs.

    I especially enjoyed the points you are making at about 21 minutes in on "Don't be that lying feminist".

  4. Not related to the conference, but I was recently reminded again of this book review, the book being that some might appreciate:

  5. Just noticed the gentleman from Norway, and that reminded me of this old documentary about the Norwegian gender paradox. Sorry if you have already seen it, but the science it provides backs up some of your arguments which many say have no basis in fact.

  6. I have watched your conference presentation three times so far. It confirms my intuitive sense upon exploring the history of my own family tree and the remarkable women within it (unfettered by lack of "rights" but a bit utilitarian in their approach to children to the detriment of future generations).

    I am so grateful and in awe of you that I wanted to simply put my footprints in your cement. I hope that's not too crude. Please feel free to smooth it out, plant flowers, etc.

  7. Grow your hair out, put on some makeup, fix your posture, stop talking like a man you ugly closet dyke.

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